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ibeacon backend as a service

iBeacon BackEnd as a Service .

Cubeacon BaaS provides an easy way to build a scenario, tracking point, geofencing, and will enable you to control every Beacon you own.

Cubeacon BaaS ease you to manage your Beacon simply.

  •  Quick integration your App with iBeacon.
  •  Promote directly using iBeacon.
  •  oAuth Secure to secure data transfer from apps and Cubeacon Backend as a Service.

Cubeacon will gather every iBeacon developer around the world. Join in our Developer Program and get the benefits of having relation with developer from all around the world.

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Cubeacon Developer Kit

Purchase Cubeacon box and you will get three cubes of Cubeacon that will last for 2 years. The cubes come with separate charge-able battery and get a unique code for accessing Cubeacon BaaS and 3 months free charge services.

Cubeacon hardware can work with device with Bluetooth ™ Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart or Version 4) such as iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S / 6, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd / 4th generation, and Android 4.3.

  • Chip Type: nRF 51822
  • System OS: OS 7, Android 4.3
  • Protocol: Bluetooth V 4.0
  • Radius: 100 meters
  • Transmission Range: +4dB
  • Configurable: "Over-The-Air"
  • Supply Voltage: 3Volt
  • Battery: CR2477

ibeacon device
Buy 3 Pcs Cubeacon for $90 Now !     Datasheet

*for World Wide Shipment 1-2 Days Process

One Backend for Every iBeacons

No matter what kind of iBeacon device do you have, It is able to integrate with our Backend as a Service. Cubeacon BackEnd as a Service can related to any iBeacon device and help you manage it.

Register your iBeacon device to Cubeacon BackEnd as a Service and manage your iBeacon with Cubeacon BaaS.

100,000 Free request call.

500mb Space, 3 Beacon include, Free for all

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