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Cubeacon Focus on IoT Industry

Our Cubeacon Hardware Series are available for purchase now. You can choose which product suits you well. Starts from the hardware, we also provide IoT (Internet of Things) platform solution to ease you manage each of your devices.

Start your first step in IoT today.

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iBeacon BackEnd as a Service

Cubeacon Mesosferâ„¢ BaaS provides an easy way to build a scenario, tracking point, geofencing, and will enable you to control every Beacon you own.
Cubeacon BaaS ease you to manage your Beacon simply.

  • Quick integration your App with iBeacon.
  • Promote directly using iBeacon.
  • oAuth Secure to secure data transfer from apps and Cubeacon Backend as a Service.
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smart city iot architecture

Technology Enabler for Every Industry

Cubeacon is also building better Internet of Things ecosystem and becoming technology integrator, handling mobile apps, creating smart city infrastructure, building digital life, and integrate between technology.

Cubeacon Smart Digital Life Reference Architecture.

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Contextual Mobile Advertising :

By deploying beacons to your store, customers who went in will get greetings, push notification, offers, product details, and etc

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Connect to Asset :

Turn Your asset live with Cubeacon. Analytic, tracking, and monitoring to private or public transportation identification and usage across a range of industrial and logistic platform.

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Monitoring Productivity and Presence :

Tracking and monitoring system for everything or everyone with a real time action. Now you can easily build all the system on your own and leave it to us to connect them with the cloud.

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Smart Office & Visitor Management :

A smarter environment for your working live. Digitalize your office and track visitors or a real time meeting presence. Turn your usual working habit into a modern working experience.

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Smart Student Tracking & Attendance :

A smarter environment for student and child activities. Digitalize school and track student or a real time. Turn student habit and daily activities into a modern school experience.

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