One Device for IoT Need

Cubeacon is manufacturing IoT Devices not just iBeacon devices, We area focus on Internet of Things periperal and make you all devices can be connect to Internet, Analys, and make sure to control and monitoring.

Cubeacon Dev Kit

Cubeacon hardware can work with device with Bluetooth ™ Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart or Version 4) such as iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S / 6, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd / 4th generation, and Android 4.3

  • Chip Type: nRF 51822
  • System OS: OS 7, Android 4.3
  • Protocol: Bluetooth V 4.0
  • Radius: 100 meters
  • Configurable: "Over-The-Air"
  • Life time Battery: 2 Years
  • Supply Voltage: 3Volt
  • Battery: CR2477
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Cubeacon Card

Cubeacon Card is based on Chip DA14580 with ARM core. It has iBeacon ready for firmware with programmable parameters (UUID, major value, minor value and some other).

  • Advertising Interval : 128 ms
  • Battery Model : LiPo 1 cell, 1000mAh
  • Range Broadcast : 100 meters
  • Compatibel OS (Min): iOs 7 & Android 4.3
  • BLE Chip : DA14580
  • Bluetooth Version : 4.1
  • Life time Battery: 2-3 Years
  • Dimenstion : 90 X 4 X 60 (mm)
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Cubeacon Reader AR25 (Pre-Order)

Micro-Computer IoT (Internet of Things) Beacon BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Scanner with and WPA2 (personal), AES in WLAN hardware for faster data encryption and 802.11 b/g/n compatibility

  • Processor : 32bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU Core
  • Bluetooth : nRF51822 Nordic BLE 4.0
  • WiFi Protocol : 802.11 b/g/n
  • Frequency range : 2.4 GHz ~ 2.5 GHz (2400M ~ 2483.5M)
  • Configurable : "Over-The-Air"
  • Power Supply : 9Volt DC Adapter

Stand Alone devices for iBeacon scanner and controlling management ibeacon devices, grab data UUID, Major and Minor. Track beacon interactions & generate reports in near real time. Fast Scanning OnEnter and OnExit Mode, easy for installation and setup.

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Cubeacon EvalBoard AR25 (Pre-Order)

EvalBoard AR25 Ultra Low Cost development board designed to simplify the process of building Internet of Things (IoT) products. EvalBoard AR25 provides everything you need—Wi-Fi, BLE and a powerful Cloud backend, all in a compact form factor that makes it ideal for your first prototype, a finished product, and everything in between.

Cubeacon EvalBoard AR25 Wifi and BLE Ultra Low Cost IoT Board include complete feature like I2C Port, I/O port, Timer, Serial TX/RX and ADC. CE and FCC Certified.

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