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Cubeacon / Mesosfer Copyright Repository

Description Type ID Number Status Link
Cubeacon Brand and Logo Merk D002014032786 Registered View
Mesosfer Brand and Logo Merk D002016064488 Registered View
Android Software Developer Kit (SDK) for Mobile Backend as a Service Copyright CID201702477 Waiting View
Cluster System Data Transmiter from IOT Device with MQTT Protocol to Cloud Server Copyright CID201703044 Migrated View
Android SDK Itegrated with API on Smart Bluetooth Scanning Firmware Protocol Copyright CID201703054 Migrated View
Software : Design Firmware for iBeacon Smart Bluetooth Scanning with RealTimeClock (RTC) and Internal Memory Copyright EC00201702565 Submited View
Software : iOS Software Developer Kit (SDK) for Mobile Backend as a Service Copyright EC00201702562 Submited View
Android SDK (Software Developer Kit) integratedwith API (Application Programming Interface) at Firmware Bluetooth Card Copyright EC0020170413 Waiting View
Design case for Bluetooth Low Energy Transmitter Design Industry A0020141985 Registered View
SDK (software developer kit) and SaaS (Software as a Service) for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) V4.0 Copyright C00201402899 Registered View