Build Your IoT Solution in One Backend

Fast implementation for your IoT board and iBeacon devices, Cut your time for quick data management and cloud environment. Cubeacon also can easily build your Mobile App Backend.


Smaller cost yet quicker integration for your apps development.Try it now!

StoryLine Management

Promoting your product directly to your customers. With push notification, your loyal customer will receive image or video alert in their smartphone.


Recording every interaction and duration from iBeacon or other IoT device. Detecting attendance made easy in a smart environment.


Get to know detailed situation around your business. See which part that attracts visitors most and enhance the power of marketing your product.


Fast integration from sensors to identify objects and profiling device with iBeacon or other IoT sensors.


Manage all your IoT devices in one backend and integrate them all with open REST API.

Insight Platform

Analyze you data and logic steam with machine learning platform to get deep insight and analytics value.

Deep Analytic's Customer’s Respond

Getting specific analytic of data from network solution you built. Allow you to take the next valuable step for your business with our analytics. Cubeacon platform helps you to see the potential of your business and choose the right place to hit the chance.

Access Now! Detail Features

Push Notification

Boost your app engagement with minimal effort. Easy step to set a powerful, scalable push messaging to deliver an update even when your app is off,

Turning a physical hardware to delivering digital alert about anything going on. Letting you know about its environment with our platform feature.

Integrated and Scalable Platform

Build an IoT Mobile App Cross Platform solution in Easy way. Connect your hardware by embedded system and put everything in cloud. With our platform, you can build them all and develop them by open API.